I don’t know what has happened to my previous writings here! Maybe I just dreamed about them, maybe they have never been typed in reality! I’m trying to remember them, but I’m not sure if the remembrance of a thought that has happened in the past would be the same. I’m not sure if it would be as real as it was before, or maybe it would be more real than the one before!

Anyhow we had two more days rehearsals, working on Nora and Helmer, as well as Nora and Christine. I’m resisting directing them, I’m not sure if I want to force my aesthetic to create a ‘beautiful’, ‘strong’, ‘powerful’ scene. On the other hand I’m not looking for some improvisation based performance. I’m trying to reduce my aesthetic and find some reasons, logics, paths for the performers to follow. Everything sounds a bit scary. Even these writings. This is for the first time that I thought I need to write somewhere that involves the others. I have my own journal and I’m addicted to it, but this process required me writing for q larger audience rather than myself. Maybe I just need to clean my mind. Anyhow, let’s see what’s next.



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